• DragonDrop - A Temporary Clipboard for Mac

    DragonDrop is a new $4.99 application for Mac OS X available in the Mac App Store. Itís very useful and fun to use because it lets you drag and drop things into its simple interface to use later on. Itís like using a clipboard in a parallel universe because you can paste things into DragonDrop while continuing to use Mac OS Xís clipboard and then go back and use what you pasted into DragonDrop even after using Mac OS Xís clipboard.

    Apart from working double-duty and giving you two separate clipboards in Mac OS X, the interface is fun to use. You can alternate click something to copy it and then click the icon in the Menu Bar and then click Paste to paste it in, or you can use your Macís multi-touch capabilities and drag and drop something into the Menu Bar icon to place it into the DragonDrop clipboard. Both ways will yield the same result.

    The preferences, pictured above, allow you to start DragonDrop when you turn your Mac on, which means you can get started with your alternate clipboard as soon as you're ready to use your computer. You also have the option to either drop things onto the Menu Bar icon, or shake your mouse while dragging an item to bring up the smoke-colored clipboard tray (shown below) where you can place your object instead. The last two options allow you to hide or show the icon in the Menu Bar and choose to have the preferences display every time DragonDrop is launched. When you paste something in, a nice-looking, smoke-colored popup interface shows you what you pasted:

    Launching DragonDrop is easy Ė either it starts up with your Mac or you can launch the application manually from the applications folder. When you click on the Menu Bar icon, you are also introduced with more options such as pasting items into DragonDrop manually (without dragging and dropping), checking for application updates, launching the preferences, or even quitting the application:

    DragonDrop works with more than just things you want to copy and paste, but also with files from your Internet browser you donít feel like downloading and also with non-file objects such as colors and raw text. The video below demonstrates some miscellaneous instances where the tool could come in handy:

    Drag and drop functionality is no stranger to Mac OS X. Cloud app and Droplr (both free in the Mac App Store) also use the same drag and drop-based functionality for performing their own tasks, however having the second clipboard to add things to makes it much easier to manage tasks on your computer. Whether the $4.99 investment for this application is worth it or not is up to you, however you can give DragonDrop a try for free for 30 minutes with the free trial the developers offer on their Web site.

    Sources: MacStories
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