• Greenpeace Blasts Apple for Rotting The Environment with iCloud

    On Monday, MMi reported that a number of leading environmental groups and activists in China say they detect a perceptible difference in how Apple has done business in the last twelve months. That is, Apple has been more accountable to and respectful of the environment and its workers.

    But not so fast say the folks at Greenpeace, the well-known non-governmental environmental organization with locations in more than forty countries. A new report from the group is blasting Apple by accusing the iDevice maker of perpetuating "dirty energy," chiefly through the iCloud platform.

    If you're wondering how iCloud is bad for the environment, Greenpeace says it relies chiefly on coal-based power. Apple, much like Amazon and Microsoft, relies "heavily on dirty energy to power their clouds."

    "Instead of playing catch up, Apple has the ingenuity, on-hand cash and innovative spirit to Think Different and make substantial improvements in the type of energy that powers its cloud," Greenpeace says. "If Apple is really interested in having the 'high percentage' of renewable energy it claims to want for the iCloud, it will have to look beyond the initial steps for on-site generation and use its tremendous cash reserves to invest in or purchase renewable energy and also to put pressure on Duke Energy to provide cleaner energy."

    No response yet from Apple over the Greenpeace jab.

    Source: Greenpeace
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