• Story Highlights Steve Jobs' "Wilderness Years" Via Lost Interviews

    The latest issue of Fast Company features an excellent in-depth feature on the “wilderness years” of Steve Jobs penned by Brent Schlender.

    Schlender has covered Jobs for Fortune and The Wall Street Journal since 1985, and pieced together the story after discovering nearly three dozen tapes of interviews with Jobs.

    “Rummaging through the storage shed, I discovered some three dozen tapes holding recordings of extended interviews--some lasting as long as three hours--that I'd conducted with him periodically over the past 25 years. (Snippets are scattered throughout this story.) Many I had never replayed--a couple hadn't even been transcribed before now. Some were interrupted by his kids bolting into the kitchen as we talked. During others, he would hit the pause button himself before saying something he feared might come back to bite him. Listening to them again with the benefit of hindsight, the ones that took place during that interregnum jump out as especially enlightening,” — Schlender.
    The article is titled “The Lost Steve Jobs Tapes” and chronicles a period in Jobs life starting just after being fired from Apple in the mid 80s to his return in the late 90s. Schlender includes quotes from Jobs explaining his governing style, on Pixar’s superior graphics technology, Johnny Ive, and even Jobs’ take on hardware according to the mind of the consumer.

    The story is well worth the read, and worthy of your time. Take a minute, grab a cup of coffee, a cold beer (craft beer only), or maybe a glass of wine, and enjoy.

    Source: Fast Company
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