• Apple Offering Mac OS X Snow Leopard Free for MobileMe Users

    Apple appears to be trying to force the conversion from MobileMe to iCloud by offering Mac OS X Snow Leopard for free to MobileMe users. It works like this: the user receives the Mac OS X Snow Leopard installation DVD for free from Apple and then has the ability to update to OS X Lion from the Mac App Store (after purchasing it for $29.99, of course) and then has the ability to use iCloud instead of MobileMe. If you are a MobileMe user and want to take advantage of this deal, head over the MobileMe page and sign in to secure your copy.

    iCloud is Apple’s cloud service superseding MobileMe. If you rely on MobileMe, you might want to consider making the upgrade as Apple is expected to stop supporting MobileMe sometime in June. Not to mention, iCloud is free for all users. Citing 9to5Mac, iCloud already has over 100 million users.

    Apart from iCloud, if you are running any Mac OS X operating system older than Snow Leopard, you are missing out. With OS X Mountain Lion on the horizon, anyone running an older operating system is pretty far behind in features and functionality, which in itself is worth the upgrade.

    No one said you absolutely have to purchase Mac OS X Lion after receiving your free copy of Mac OS X Snow Leopard, after all, it's your money to spend. So if you are still rocking the MobileMe days of older Mac OS X operating systems, then you can grab this free legitimate copy of Mac OS X Snow Leopard today. I guess patience is a virtue after all!

    Sources: MacGasm via 9to5Mac
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