• Kaspersky: Infected Mac Numbers Drop to 30,000 but Mac Remains Vulnerable

    Researchers from Kaspersky Lab held a press conference in which they revealed that the number of machines infected by the Flashback Trojan has dropped to just 30,000. A number significantly lower than the estimated 600,000 Macs which were said to have been infected at its peak, as well as the 140,000 estimate to have been infected earlier in the week.

    The presence of the trojan continues to dwindle as Apple released a Java update to rid machines of Flashback. For those that don’t have Java installed and could possibly be harboring a dormant version of the malware, Apple also issued a separate removal tool. Both updates as well as the previous software released by several security firms have played a big role in protecting users everywhere from the malicious software.

    According to researchers at Kaspersky, the Flashback trojan was just the beginning though. They believe that hackers will continue to target the Mac at an increasing rate since Apple has gained significant market share in recent years and continues to outgrow the rest of the PC market. Kaspersky officials said “Market share brings attacker motivation. Expect more drive-by downloads, more Mac OS X mass-malware. Expect cross-platform exploit kits with Mac-specific exploits.” Furthermore, another Mac trojan was already recently discovered, so this definitely isn't the last time you'll be hearing about an issue regarding malicious software on the OS X platform.

    It is being recommended that users take advantage of security software and practice safe browsing techniques. Apple’s new Gatekeeper utility (to be released in the upcoming OS, Mountain Lion) will definitely help improve the situation as well.

    Source: Ars Technica
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