• Apple to Webcast it's Q2 2012 Earnings Conference Call on April 24

    In what is one of the most anticipated earnings call on Wall Street on a quarterly basis, Apple will be releasing its earnings report for the previous quarter (the second quarter which ended March 31st) this upcoming Tuesday, April 24th at 2pm PST/ 5pm EST.

    There has been quite a bit of speculation regarding whether Apple will hit consensus estimated for their Mac products (more specifically the iMacs and the MacBook Pros). This is due to the fact that both have not seen major updates in almost a year and many reports continue to chime in mentioning that sales are below what they were expected to be. Itís generally being assumed that the launch of the new iPad in this quarter will help Apple offset any of the missed Mac numbers though.

    During this time running up to the earnings call, Appleís stock has been swinging back and forth quite a bit. It had its largest ever point drop on Monday followed by its largest ever point gain on Tuesday before falling over 3% against on Wednesday. The value of the AAPL stock is up 45% YTD though and analysts continue to predict numbers over $100 high than its current value.

    Source: Apple
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