• Denver Broncos Select iPad as NFL Season Playbook

    If it's good enough for airline pilots, it must surely be good enough for NFL players and coaches, right? As it turns out, the iPad is poised to play a bigger role in the upcoming NFL season than ever before - particularly in terms of reducing paper waste.

    This much will at least be apparent inside of the Denver Broncos organization. The Denver Post confirmed Monday that the team is relegating to the trash bin of paper products the antiquated model of 500-page playbooks, which are used weekly by each of the team's 120 players, coaches, scouts and other personnel.

    This season, the team will hand out iPads that feature the week's game plan, scouting reports, video clips and other relevant data.
    The team's owners and managers believe that the iPad will help make the organization more efficient and effective in no shortage of critical ways. And many believe this trend of iPad usage will quickly spread across the NFL.

    "The advantage is that when they leave the building, they can take everything home with them very easily and watch tape at night and review the game plan installation," said Broncos general manager Brian Xanders. "This is their full-time job to prepare and do whatever they can to help us win each week."

    Source: Denver Post
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    1. sirbebe's Avatar
      sirbebe -
      Wow ...
    1. Taz1981's Avatar
      Taz1981 -
      The Pittsburgh Penguins and some other NHL teams use ipads to review plays as the game goes on. Game on! Don’t forget the iPad…
    1. TheExtra404's Avatar
      TheExtra404 -
      Not bad.
    1. bigboyz's Avatar
      bigboyz -
      Nice! Not surprised at all..I mean our armed forces have been utilizing them for practice missions, flight simulations and a host of other useful "in combat" routines. NFL is late on this one haha! Like a notebook or playbook in this case, all of the info is in one location. Not to mention, if they wanted certain plays left alone or accessed through a secure later, the team would be provided a URL and creds. Better late to the party than not to arrive at all I suppose..good stuff!!
    1. Twiztidly's Avatar
      Twiztidly -
      This isnt new.. Tampa Bay Buccaneers started using ipads instead of there paper playbook last season...
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