• iPad 2 SD Card Rumor False: New Rumor

    The rumor making the rounds that the iPad 2 will have an SD card slot is not true, according to another rumor. The opening shown on some cases is being explained by an AppleInsider source as a SIM card slot. This news comes as the most recent in a series of rumors that have been contradicted, and with the first anniversary of the original iPad's launch behind us and an expected iPad 2 announcement coming any day now, evidence is growing that changes to the popular tablet may be modest.

    Third-party accessory suppliers are often the sources of rumors about future product features. Apple has long been rumored to seed the supply chain with device specs in order to guarantee that a broad range of accessories are available when the product launches. However, Apple has long denied the practice, and the dearth of iPhone 4 cases on the market when that device did launch tends to bear this out. At the same time, the iPad 2 cases that have been seen tend to converge on the same form factor, indicating that these guys are getting their information from somewhere.

    A lot of buzz was generated by images circulating recently of a purported iPad 2 case which showed openings for two new ports, which some theorized were for an HDMI or mini DisplayPort video connection and an SD card slot. An anonymous source contacted by AppleInsider's Kasper Jade disputes this, though. The source, which Jade says "AppleInsider trusts on matters such as these," claims that the opening is for a relocated microSIM card slot. The iPad 2, this source asserts, will not have an SD card slot.

    So the most dramatic rumors about the iPad 2 continue to fall, one by one. While we obviously know nothing about the final design until it is announced by Apple, previous rumors about a smaller 7-inch model and a higher-resolution Retina Display have all been fairly assertively contradicted by supposedly knowledgeable sources. Other rumors about front and back cameras, though, have persisted, as has the report that the next iPad will have a dual-core CPU. Hopefully this will all be over soon: another rumor making the rounds in the past couple of weeks suggests that the iPad 2 announcement will happen on February 9. We can only hope.

    Source: AppleInsider
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