• Report Says 20% of Macs Are Infected with Windows Malware

    It's the sort of statistic that would all but certainly alarm the Centers for Disease Control if the numbers were about humans. Notwithstanding the fact that the latest epidemic of infection is about machines and not people, some remain alarmed regardless.

    According to a new report from Sophos, Windows malware is so common these days that one in every five Macs is infected with it.

    "A 100,000 strong snapshot of the millions of Mac computers which have recently downloaded Sophos's free Mac anti-virus software, revealed that 20% of Mac computers were carrying one or more instances of Windows malware," the Naked Security Blog reads.

    This staggering percentage blows away the percentage of Macs believed to be similarly infested with OS X malware. 2.7% (one in 36) of Macs which downloaded the free anti-virus product were infected by Mac OS X malware.

    While Windows malware on Macs isn't going to be obvious or (even symptomatic if you're not running Windows on the Mac), the malware can easily spread like a virus during cold and flu season.

    To check out the full report and learn more about this surprising development and what you can do to curb its growth, click here.

    Source: Sophos
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