• Tim Cook: iPad and MacBook Air Convergence Won't be Happening Soon

    Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, doesn’t see success in Microsoft’s strategy to have Windows 8 power everything from notebooks to tablets to devices that converge the two concepts together. Cook even went as far as comparing the convergence of the two to a refrigerator with toaster functions on the side. The whole idea was deemed as poorly conceived by Cook when asked about the possible convergence of the iPad and MacBook Air products into a single device that combines the portability and utility of each by Richard Gardner of Citigroup.

    Gardner asked the Cook to “comment on why he doesn’t believe the PC and the Ultrabook and tablet markets will converge” to which Cook responded “Anything can be forced to converge, but the problem is that the products are about tradeoffs. You begin to make tradeoffs to the point where what you have left at the end of the day doesn’t please anyone.” He even went as far as comparing it to the aforementioned “you can converge a toaster and a refrigerator, but you know, those things are probably not going to be pleasing to the user.”

    Apple’s intent to create distinct products with both the iOS platform and the OS X platform have been clearly evident since the original iPad was launched in early 2010. It was noted that both platforms have freely borrowed functionality from each other from Messages to Reminders to Game Center and the Notifications Center (which is planned for the upcoming OS X Mountain Lion) but the form factor of tablets and notebooks aren’t destined to merge anytime in the near future due to how the two categories of products are actually used.

    Cook stated that “the iPad has taken off, not only in consumer [markets] in a meaningful way, but in education and in enterprise, and it’s sort of everywhere you look now.” He noted that as the ecosystem gets better and the company continues to make great products, the limit is nowhere in sight.

    While Cook noted that the two platforms have freely borrowed functionality from each other from Messages to Reminders to Game Center and the Notifications Center planned for the upcoming OS X Mountain Lion, he said the form factor of tablets and notebooks aren't destined to merge anytime soon, due to how the two categories of products are actually used.

    After touching upon the universal appeal of the iPad, Cook discussed a tremendous potential for conventional system such as the MacBook Air saying that “you wouldn’t want to put these things together because you end up compromising in both and note pleasing either user. Some people will prefer to own both, and that’s great too. But to make the compromise of convergence, we’re not going to that party.”

    Source: AppleInsider
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    1. Raybeast's Avatar
      Raybeast -
      Owning both a Mac and an iPad I can easily say that they should never be running on the same software. A touchscreen tablet and a laptop are totally different items and need totally different software.
    1. IphoneReaper's Avatar
      IphoneReaper -
      As the owner of a 15" pro, Air and iPad all of these devices serve different functions. The Pro has the horse power to handle my big task the Air is my my go to mobile unit and the iPad is carried every day to handle most daily task so don't want to see any convergence of the line up. Which is why the talk of the big 17" being laid to rest would suck for the true mobile power user.
    1. Sniper488's Avatar
      Sniper488 -
      Just like they won't put blu-ray on a Mac because blu-ray isn't where technology's heading, lol.
      Whatever, to each his own but blu-ray has been around awhile and I need it.
      Just like it would be nice to have one software for iPad and Mac, I think a lot has to do with money.
    1. bigboyz's Avatar
      bigboyz -
      I own both and would tend to agree with him. Owning both presents the best of both worlds..owning one of the two, makes you want the other product to complete your setup. We know the Air is more powerful and more functional in most cases but the iPad fills voids that the Mac cannot touch. Do you NEED both..NO. It is more of a preference and ease of use factor in my opinion. Why buy a bunch of text books and paper when you can buy an iPad? Why buy a heavy PC or MBP when you can buy a lightweight Air? To each his/her own..I lke what I have and wouldn't trade it for anything..for now anyway
    1. Striknine's Avatar
      Striknine -
      I own both a macbook pro and iPad and I would like for them to converge. Why not make a tablet powerful enough to handle what the laptop does? Why carry around two devices that can handle the same task. It's just like carrying a camera and a cell phone with a camera built in. I rarely use my macbook pro since owning the iPad and would like to be able to do everything on the tablet. I do use iTeleport to connect to my MBP though.
    1. *T*'s Avatar
      *T* -
      Gartner asked the Cook to comment...
    1. Cellular's Avatar
      Cellular -
      Netbook with a touch screen has already been made its a good idea.

      And think about it iPads are nothing more than an app player or a toy :/
    1. Baron1's Avatar
      Baron1 -
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      I had no knowledge about iPad before coming on this forum. iPad is a good for departmental store.
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