• Greenpeace Stages More Protests at Apple Stores

    Greenpeace continued their “Clean our cloud” campaign today through a series of synchronized protests at Apple Store’s in San Francisco, New York City, and Toronto.

    Just after 11 a.m. around a dozen protesters invaded Apple’s store in downtown San Francisco. Some of the protesters were dressed as janitors and mimed cleaning the windows, while others carried massive bouquets of black helium filled balloons that they then unleashed in the store.

    Greenpeace’s ongoing beef with Apple stems from the company and its attempt to present itself as a serious clean-energy user even after being criticized in a 2011 Greenpeace report. Apple’s massive Maiden, North Carolina data center is at the center of Greenpeace's latest tirade against the company. While Apple claims they have plans to build solar farms and utilize other clean energy sources to ultimate supply 60 percent of the data center’s power, the current percentage of clean energy being used is around 10 percent. Apple gets the majority of the energy needed to power the facility from nearby Duke energy. Duke energy relies solely on coal and nuclear power.

    Apple’s future plans haven’t done much to quell Greenpeace’s worries. It’s tough cut Apple slack when the company has $110 billion in cash on hand. If any company can afford to set the clean energy example it is Apple. But, Greenpeace has their fair share of critics as well, especially those critical of their campaigns against genetically engineered foods. Also, it seems just a little ironic that Greenpeace protested by releasing balloons filled with helium which is a product of radioactive decay and fractional distillation and not too mention is in short supply and non-renewable.

    Source: Wired, Gizmodo
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