• Judge Rules in Favor of Apple in Samsung Infringement Suit

    U.S. Magistrate Judge Paul S. Grewal recently sided with Apple in a court determination against Samsung over documents mentioning Apple’s products according to a report from Bloomberg. The order prompted speculation that the documents could provide Apple with an advantage, showing that the Korean handset maker willfully copied its competition’s designs.

    According to the Judge, “The scale of Samsung’s production and the burden placed on it by the compressed case schedule and the numerous claims at issue are not in doubt. That burden, however, does not negate Samsung’s obligation to comply with no fewer than two court orders specifying the production of documents that reference Apple’s products."

    The orders also impose monetary sanctions on Samsung, although not all of the damages that Apple was seeking were granted. The amount of the sanctions was not specified in the court filings according to the report either. Adam Yates, a Samsung spokesman said in a statement that the company will comply with the order. “Samsung will respond in accordance with the court’s order and produce the requested documentation within the timeframe provided.”

    Since the Cupertino California company filed the suit against Samsung, the legal clash between the two has encompassed more than 30 complaints across 10 countries. The issue has escalated to a point where both CEOs of the two companies agreed earlier in the month to meet for moderated settlement talks in San Francisco, California within the next 90 days. According to Cook, he would “highly prefer” to settle the lawsuits his company is waging against its rivals but he also expressed a willingness to protect Apple’s intellectual property. According to him, “the key thing is that Apple not become the developer for the world, we need people to invent their own stuff.”

    Source: Bloomberg Businessweek
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