• Foxconn Workers in Brazil Threatening to go on Strike due to Poor Working Conditions

    According to a report by Brazilís Tech Guru, over 2,500 Foxconn employees are complaining about working conditions at a Foxconn plant in Jundiai, Brazil. Workers reportedly met last Monday to raise concerns about overcrowded buses, poor food and a lack of water, giving the company until May 3 to address the issues.

    Problems at the factory have been exacerbated since the recent hiring of more than a thousand employees. Foxconn reportedly did not increase its transport infrastructure with the new hires and also had issues with hiring water trucks to bring in water for its employees. A representative for the employees was optimistic that a solution could be reached with Foxconn without resorting to a strike.

    The report didnít mention whether the workers involved were serving on production lines for Appleís iPhone or iPad. iPhone 4 units produced in Brazil reached the market last February, while Apple is said to have received approval to begin selling iPad 2 units that have been manufactured in the country as well. Previously, it was being reported that Brazilian officials were claiming that Foxconn had plans to build five additional factories in the country to help produce Apple devices but the company would first have to iron out issues with its existing plant before proceeding.

    Source: Tech Guru (via Google Translate)
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