• Mac App Store Reaches 10,000 Apps

    The Mac App Store is one of Apple’s newest editions to the iTunes Store lineup. While it may not be everyone’s preferred method of downloading applications on their Mac, it is a good way to find some good Mac applications all from one convenient place. It’s also nice to see the screenshots and application descriptions all in one place without having to use an Internet browser.

    The Mac App Store has just reached its 10,000th application, a new high for the application discovery store for Macs. The applications range from free to paid applications; some are cheap and some are rather expensive. The number includes games, utilities, and productivity software including Apple’s iWork and iLife suites as well as Mac OS X Lion, which is the most popular Mac App Store download.

    The next version of Mac OS X, which has been dubbed OS X Mountain Lion, will be trying to focus heavily on the Mac App Store as it comes with a new Gatekeeper security application giving the user the ability to lock off all application downloads to the Mac App Store exclusively. This feature is optional, however it adds security to the Mac by providing only one trusted way to get your applications. It might also drive more developers to add even more applications to the Mac App Store to increase their audience span.

    While 10,000 is a large number, it doesn’t come close to the iOS App Store’s 600,000 applications. This isn’t much of a surprise considering iOS devices are more popular than the Mac is. Citing MacRumors, the Mac App Store remains the most successful PC application store to this day.

    Sources: MacRumors
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