• Apple 'Frustrated' with Texas Campus Progress

    Apple isn't a company that likes to do anything on a small scale. So when plans to construct a new facility can't even manage to take small steps forward, the tech giant tends to get a tad bit grumpy.

    Unfortunately, the above describes the situation presently unfolding in Texas. As MMi reported March 9th, Apple is planning to spend upwards of $300 million on a new Austin, Texas-based campus, which will create thousands of new jobs.

    But the campus remains anything but a done deal. That's according to Dave Porter, senior vice president for economic development at the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce. Speaking with The Statesman, Porter said "This deal is not done. It remains in peril. And Apple is frustrated."

    Porter says Apple's plans are still up in the air because of the county's "continuing deliberations and calls for new conditions on its incentives deal with the company."

    "We were disappointed (the deal) wasn't finalized this past Tuesday, but we were hopeful this next Tuesday that Apple and the county can complete the negotiation process and have that behind us," he said. "We remain hopeful that will take place and there will be a positive vote on Tuesday."

    Source: The Statesman
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