• Apple Reportedly in Talks With EPIX About Bringing Streaming Content to Apple HDTV

    Reuters is reporting that Apple initiated talks earlier this year with EPIX in hopes of incorporating the streaming properties owned by EPIX into the rumored Apple HDTV.

    EPIX is a streaming movie service created by Lions Gate Entertainment Corp, MGM, and Viacom’s Paramount pictures. According to two unnamed sources (not one, but two!) EPIX would offer streaming of its sought after premium content to Apple’s currentTV set-top box. However, one of the two source said the agreement would include future Apple television products as well.

    Whether or not the last part of the rumor indicates Apple is planning to release an internet connected HDTV depends on how one reads into the statement. Apple HDTV rumors have been circulating for more than a year, and became more ferocious after Steve Jobs' biography written by Walter Isaacson exposed that Jobs thought he had finally figured out how to do TV right.

    If anyone can afford to deal with EPIX, and other content creators it is Apple. Currently EPIX is locked into a $200 million a year deal with Netflix that ends in September. That kind of money is chump change to Apple in licensing terms, especially with the prospect of another hit product on the horizon.

    Apple changed the recording industry and they’re likely the only ones powerful enough to change the movie and cable television distribution to the masses.

    Source: Reuters
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