• Vocalabs: Apple Scores Well Against Competition when it comes to Customer Service

    A new cross-industry study published by research firm Vocalabs noted that Apple led the pack in the company’s ongoing National Customer Service Survey. The study ended up extrapolating data collected from 2,379 customer comments and complaints taken at the end of 7,149 phone interviews conducted between January 2011 to March 2012.

    The report focused on comments made about tech companies such as Apple, Dell, and HP as well as wireless carriers such as AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon. In the study it was revealed that Apple had the lowest number of customers saying they would leave with 0.44% customers with President and CEO of Vocalabs, Peter U. Leppik stating that “Apple maintained its customer loyalty despite the fact there are few barriers to switching.” Apple came in second when it came to language issues with 0.55% of customers complaining about problems with communicating with Apple representatives (a number that is still relatively low).

    Another issue that was touched upon was rude or impolite behavior on part of the service representatives. Here, Apple again came in second with 0.55% behind Dell, which had 2.98%. When it came to virtual representatives with was perceived as one of the more pervasive problems with large corporations, customers frequently complain that it is difficult to get in touch with a human being. Apple scored the worst in the tech company category of the survey with 3.31%. The final metric in the study focused on hang-ups, whether they were intentional or incidental that customers had to experience. Apple scored in last place with 0.55% (meaning it did the best in the tech category).

    Overall, Apple ended up performing quite well against the competition in the tech category, which is something many of you may agree with.

    Source: Vocalabs
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