• Samsung Galaxy Tab Return Rate Vastly Outpaces Apple iPad

    The latest findings of a freshly released survey indicate that the Samsung Galaxy Tab return rate is vastly outpacing the rate at which Apple customers return their iPad. The inference, of course, is that iPad owners are significantly happier with their purchase than Samsung Galaxy tab owners are. But is that really true?

    ITG Investment Research tracked point-of-sale data from nearly 6,000 wireless stores in the U.S. from the Galaxy Tabís November debut through Jan. 15 and found the device to have an unusually high return rate.
    Digital Daily reports that a sizable 16% of Galaxy Tab buyers returned their tablet. On the other hand, a mere 2% of iPad buyers did the same. In December 2010 alone, the return rate for the Galaxy Tab was hovering around 13% only to see that percentage grow after the first of the year. In response to the data's publication, a biting comment from the New York Post suggested that Samsung's answer to the iPad should be labeled the "boomerang" given how often it seems to come back to the store. Ouch.

    What very few Samsung-haters are pointing out, however, is that the tablet return rate is being driven by problems with Android in general, not just Samsung. Rhoda Alexander, an iSuppli analyst, said, "There are a lot of issues with Android tablets, not just Samsung." Nonetheless, many Wall Street analysts believe 2011 will be the year when Android tablets will collectively "make a dent in the iPad's dominance."

    Digital Daily
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