• Eleven-Year-Old Boy Urinates On $36k Worth of MacBook Computers

    "Well, there goes $36,000 worth of good computers," as Upper Allen Elementary School staff must have been thinking to themselves after an eleven-year-old boy dropped his pants and urinated all over a computer cart full of 36 MacBook computers on Wednesday. All 36 MacBook computers were damaged in the incident.

    Iím not sure what it would have taken to get a child to think it was a good idea to treat a cart of computers like a urinal, however peer pressure or feeling the need for revenge may have played a huge part of it. We know that childrenís minds are not yet fully developed to completely understand the gravity of destroying $36,000 worth of computers, but it simply makes sense even to a somewhat normal eleven-year-old child that urinating should be saved for the bathroom.

    According to the police that populated this event, the MacBook computers were damaged beyond repair. Apple does not cover water damage in their AppleCare warranties, let alone something of this caliber. The child was later charged with criminal mischief and is being turned over to the Cumberland County Juvenile Probation Department by police.

    I could never fathom the look on the faces of the police when they received the call saying an Elementary schoolís computers have been destroyed and defiled by such a mindless act. While the replacement process will be an expensive one for the school, it was probably even worse for the poor staff that had to clean up the mess. One could only feel their remorse and feel sorry for them.

    There is an old saying: "When you gotta go, you gotta go."

    Sources: Pennlive via Cult of Mac
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