• Done Deal: Apple's Austin Campus is Happening

    As MMi reported Friday, serious doubt recently entered into the picture as to whether or not Apple would be able to proceed with plans to construct a massive new campus in Austin, Texas and bring thousands of new jobs to the region.

    Despite hitting a few glitches and rough patches that put the entire project proposal into peril as recently as last week, today we can confirm that local lawmakers, authorities, and legal representatives for Apple have all reached an agreement on deal terms that will allow for the campus to come to Austin after all.

    On Tuesday, the Travis County Commissioners Court (in a 4-1 vote) provided final approval to a contract with Apple in return for Apple's pledge to bring 3,665 new jobs to the North Austin campus by 2025.

    The deal will give the technology giant between $5.4 million and $6.4 million over 15 years and comes more than a month after the City of Austin approved a 10-year, $8.6 million rebate and the state offered $21 million in incentives from the Texas Enterprise Fund.
    What ultimately helped to seal the deal was a minimum salary provision agreed to by Apple. It requires an average salary of $35,000 for the bottom 10 percent of Apple-employed workers. A minimum of $11 per hour for contractors is also required. The final deal even gives county staff the authority "to extend a number of construction and hiring deadlines."

    Source: The Statesman
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