• New Rumors For iPad 2 Surface

    We've all heard the rumors at this point about cameras on the front and back of the next generation iPad, and we've even heard about Apple dabbling in NFC (Near Field Communications) for future iPhones and possibly the iPad 2, but now iLounge is reporting on a new set of rumors for the iPad 2.

    The report states that Apple is readily developing chips that will interface with NFC capabilities built in to future iDevices, probably the iPad 2. There would be no need for any other type of connection, like bluetooth, with the development of these chips. It also seems Apple may be moving away from the current aluminum body seen on the current iPad, and may opt for a carbon fiber add-on. However, the source indicates that they are not sure carbon fiber will make it on to the final design.

    Finally, the source also states that Apple is still toying with the idea of a 7 inch tablet, even after Steve Jobs stated at a recent earnings call that these devices were "Dead on Arrival" and did not offer a strong tablet experience. Apparently a manufacturer has been asked to develop a screen to be used as a 7 inch iPad, although again, it is unclear whether these products will ever see the light of day.

    Another day, another pack of rumors about what we'll see on the next iPad. Am I the only one who wants Apple to announce this darn thing already?

    image: thenextweb.com
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