• JP Morgan Says iOS-Powered Apple HDTV Not Coming This Year

    Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster has long been viewed as Wall Street's general gauge of forthcoming suspected Apple product releases. Well, on Thursday, this venerable barometer has been bucked by new projections from JP Morgan - projections that contradict Munster's suspicion that we may see Apple's still-mythical but allegedly forthcoming connected HDTV this year.

    This morning, the investment banking giant revealed its belief that no connected TV offering will come from Apple in 2012, although JP Morgan didn't rule out a future release. Analyst Mark Moskowitz would only say that JP Morgan does not foresee "any looming TV-related product launch."

    "We are not sure that the Apple premium could prevail in the TV market," he writes, "unless there is a radical change of the user interface, integration of the TV programming and data content, and use of gesture or voice control."

    Expressing concerns ranging from economics and technology to timing and Apple's immediate business strategies, Moskowitz doesn't appear convinced that Apple will soon revolutionize home entertainment, although he does see Apple as the only company capable of "radically" altering the TV landscape.

    "Enhanced-content offerings could augment Apple’s TV solution but are not a necessity for Apple to be successful in the living room, in our view," he concluded.

    Source: Barron's
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