• MMi at Macworld: Record Video Directly to iPad with iRecord Pro

    While walking the floor at Macworld Expo I came across a booth that featured a rather unassuming device. Upon closer inspection I realized what a cool little product I had stumbled onto. The iRecord Pro ($269.99) is a black box that allows you to record video directly to an iPad from any device that has a RCA (Red, White and Yellow cable) output.

    With the iRecord Pro you can transfer all of your old VHS home movies directly to your iPad. The device is even capable of recording in 720 HD at 30 frames per second. “iRecord was built from the ground up to offer the highest quality real-time encoding of video and audio in multiple formats. iRecord’s ability to combine smooth vibrant video with small file sizes in a simple to use device is unmatched.”

    Do you own a few DVD’s that you’d like to back-up and even watch on your iPad but cannot, because of all that copy protection movie studios put into some of their DVD releases nowadays. iRecord finally lets you watch those movies on your iPad so you don’t have to buy another digital copy, just to see it on your iDevice. iRecord Pro is also compatible with Mac and PC, but the real beauty of this device is that it works with the iPad. iRecord Pro available now.

    Source: iRecord
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