• 'Lost' Steve Jobs Interview Returning to Theaters Next Week

    One week from today, Steve Jobs will return to the box office. It may not be The Avengers or The Dark Knight Rises, but the iconic Apple chief will once again grace the silver screen in a 70-minute documentary that was considered "lost" not too long ago.

    Magnolia Pictures has confirmed that the film, which was first released last fall just weeks after Jobs passed away, will return to Landmark Theatres on May 11th. "Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview" will subsequently be released to DVD later this summer.

    The interview dates back 17 years to when Apple was preparing to buy NeXT - a fateful decision that would help restore Jobs to power and put Apple back on the fast-track to revolutionizing computing and mobile technologies as we presently know them.

    Amazingly, the original footage was thought be lost during shipping many years ago, but the masters were eventually recovered right around the time of Steve Jobs' death. The footage was then digitized and prepped for the big screen.

    If you haven't seen the film yet, check out a few clips from the reel below.

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