• Scrivener Coming to iPad and iPhone

    Scrivener, the popular desktop writing studio, is coming to the iPad and iPhone.

    For anyone who has ever attempted to write a script, short story, book, novel or in-depth research paper the importance of organizing ideas becomes apparent quickly. Also, it becomes apparent how traditional word processors are only useful for collecting words as your mind pukes them up through your fingers onto a digital wall.

    Enter Scrivener. Literature and Latte's application isnt so much a word processor as it is an ecosystem to harbor ideas, and research as they grow into something more. Authors/creators have a virtual corkboard complete with index cards to store synopsis of every document you create, allowing you to rearrange story arcs, sub-plots, character information and research on the fly in a manner that makes sense to the author.

    The above example is only a brief explanation of what Scrivener is capable of doing. The creators have promised the following functionality out of the iOS variant:

    1. A working binder.
    2. A working corkboard.
    3. An editor that allows for basic rich text editing (bold, italics, underline, footnotes of some sort and so on).
    4. Access to labels, status, synopses, notes and project notes.
    5. Seamless syncing without the necessity of closing the project on your Mac or Windows machine.

    The most exciting aspect is the seamless syncing with the desktop versions of Scrivener. The ability to jot ideas down as they come on the go is amazing especially for those who do field research for their projects. Unfortunately, the development timeline for the iOS version of Scrivener is an open-ended book.

    All we can say is that we are hoping to get it finished before the end of 2012 but with no promises, given the amount that is left to do. It will be released when it is ready, and that certainly wont be tomorrow or next week or even next month. We know you want something good, and that is what we are hoping to deliver... Literature and Latte
    Source: Literature and Latte
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