• Apple Testing iCloud Notification Banners?

    If iOS 5's banner notifications weren’t enough for you, then you might be interested to hear that the banner notification system appears to be coming to the iCloud Web site. The news was leaked from a potentially premature test by Apple, in which a banner entitled, "Default Title for English" says, "English - This is test message description" pops up after logging into the Web site.

    Unlike in iOS 5, where the banner notifications disappear automatically, it appears that the iCloud version of the banner comes with a manual dismiss option via a round X button on the right side. This is probably a good idea since people leave their computers running and walk away from them, while when using an iPhone or other iOS device, we are usually carrying them on our person at all times.

    OS X Mountain Lion, expected to launch this Summer, is also gaining Notification Center and the banner notification system. With the new Mac operating system becoming tightly integrated with iCloud just as iOS 5 has become, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that Apple is trying to make the Web site more interactive. While most people probably won’t have a Web browser with iCloud opened on their computers all day long, the banner notification system could mean something more.

    What could Apple use banner notifications for on the iCloud Web site? – Many different things, including a notification when a device is found on a Google Map, or perhaps a notification when your documents finish syncing across iCloud. Being that iCloud is a pretty restrictive cloud service, the things Apple would be able to notify you about would be quite limited.

    Sources: MacRumors
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