• Microsoft to Office for Mac Users: Forget iCloud; Use SkyDrive

    Just last month, Microsoft launched a SkyDrive client for Mac OS X that behaves similarly to DropBox and offers more free space than DropBox will give you (without working hard to invite people, that is). Now that the software has been implemented for Mac users, it seems Microsoft wants their Microsoft Office for Mac users to join in on the bandwagon. Microsoft states that Apple’s iCloud is, “not enough” for the file sharing needs of users and that Microsoft’s SkyDrive is everything users will ever need for such practices.

    This move by Microsoft isn’t surprising since Microsoft Office for Mac is their own product and they want to show users that they are competent with equal or better services in comparison to what Apple has to offer. Microsoft has to compete with Apple to make Microsoft Office for Mac look better than Apple’s iWork and also make SkyDrive look better than Apple’s iCloud.

    With the SkyDrive for Mac OS X Lion preview, SkyDrive for Windows, and the release of SkyDrive for iPad, you can save and store your important documents or other files in the SkyDrive folder in Finder and access them from anywhere.
    While Microsoft could be right on this one, since iCloud is almost entirely automatic, doing things Apple’s way, and SkyDrive is similar to DropBox giving the user as much manual control over their cloud storage as possible, it’s ultimately up the user whether they want to manage such files all on their own or let the software do it for them. Less computer-savvy people trying to get productivity done could be overwhelmed by all the user control of Microsoft's SkyDrive client for Mac.

    Apart from the user control, Microsoft also includes a fully functional anywhere-access system with SkyDrive. Microsoft has an application for iOS, which gives the user the ability to access and manage their files even on the go.

    With the expected news that Microsoft would be pushing their SkyDrive service for Microsoft Office for Mac users, it’s highly unlikely that we will ever see iCloud support for Microsoft Office for Mac. Until Microsoft releases some kind of mobile iOS version of their office software, Apple will probably still remain ahead of Microsoft in this playing field as Apple is offering more mobile access to productivity by having mobile versions of their iWork software.

    Sources: MacWorld
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