• Adobe Senior Security Director Praises Apple For Latest Safari Update

    This little bit of praise flew under the radar Wednesday. Brad Arkin, Adobe’s senior director of security, products and services, commended Apple for disabling old Flash Player versions in a recent Safari update.

    The older versions of Adobe’s flash player were potentially susceptible to malicious code and other security vulnerabilities.

    "We welcome today's initiative by Apple to encourage Mac users to stay up-to-date. Remember: The single most important thing we can do to protect ourselves from the bad guys is to stay up-to-date. A thank you to the security team at Apple for working with us to help protect our mutual customers!" — Arkin
    The Safari update (version 5.1.7) automatically disables Flash software older than version, which dates back to November of 2010. Users will need to manually reinstate the older software if they want to use legacy players.

    While Arkin does praise Apple’s recent update, he also acknowledged Adobe’s lack of support for the Mac platform when it comes to automatic updating tools. Adobe issued a fix last week for a recently discovered Flash exploit and Windows users had the luxury of an automatic fix downloaded in the background on their systems. Mac users on the other hand had to manually install the software.

    Arkin did mention that a Mac version of the Flash Player background updater “is currently in beta and will be available very soon.”

    A background updater would definitely help the less savvy keep their systems secure, especially when they most likely don't have a clue a security risk exists, let alone there is a fix. Right now though, I just want the 100GB of Adobe software I'm downloading from their servers to finish so I can put this Creative Cloud Membership to use (reviews to come).

    Source: MacWorld [via Apple Insider]
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