• iCloud Beta Website Shows Off Notes and Reminders; iOS 6 Confirmed

    Apple’s iCloud Beta Web site seems to have been updated with the addition of the familiar Notes and Reminders applications (pictured above) from iOS 5. These applications allow us to jot down helpful hints, such as grocery lists, for our complex lives and remind ourselves when we have to go and do things each day. You can visit the Beta version of the iCloud Web site and see the additions for yourself from this link.

    You won't need an Apple developer account to view the new applications on the background of the Web site, however to sign into and use the Beta version of the iCloud Web site, you must have a developer account with Apple. At the time Apple officially releases the features of the Beta version of the iCloud Web site, these features will be available for all public users and not just Apple developers.

    The Notes and Reminders applications being available on the Beta iCloud Web site obviously means we would be able to write notes and set reminders from the Web site and keep them in sync with all of our other devices. As we know from Apple’s Web site, which gives us some sneak-peak information about OS X Mountain Lion, the new Mac operating system will come with a Notes and Reminders application similar to that of iOS’ versions.

    Citing 9to5Mac, the updated Beta iCloud Web site also comes with strings hinting to iOS 6, in which a Beta is expected to be released some time this Summer. We already expect to see OS X Mountain Lion this Summer, so it is likely we will see a combo release.

    Sources: 9to5Mac
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