• Leaked iPhone 5 Front Panel Points to Larger Screen, Thinner Bezel

    Speculation about the next iPhone model has vacillated between the device being either much larger or very much smaller. Apple may choose to release both a larger version and a smaller, cheaper model at the same time, however. On the larger front, a new image has just surfaced that shows what is purported to be an iPhone 5 front panel. If this image is an authentic, then Apple may indeed be increasing the size of the iPhone 5ís screen. This would make the next iPhone model more competitive with other manufactures handsets, many of which already include a 4-inch screen.

    Apple is believed to be redesigning the next iPhone model and may include a 4-inch screen with a smaller bezel. Itís difficult to get any measurements from this image without an object to reference it with. If this does turn out to be a genuine Apple component, then they may in fact be releasing the iPhone 5 with a thinner bezel and an edge-to edge screen. I would love to see this component sitting next to an iPhone 4 to compare them side by side.

    Rumors suggest that Apple may not want to increase the actual size of the next iPhone, but that they do hope to increase the size of the display. The only way for Apple to accomplish this is to extend the screen to the very edges of the case. This edge-to-edge display could then be larger without the need to increase the size of an iPhone very much or even at all. Itís also quite likely that although this screen will be larger, it will still be considered a Retina display, even if the resolution is slightly less than the current model.

    If Apple keeps to its usual schedule of releasing new iPhones in the summer, usually either in June or July, then we wonít have to wait too much longer to find out more. Until then, enjoy the all of the leaked pictures and plausible speculation that will surely surface between now and then, when the iPhone 5 is actually released.

    Source: 9to5 Mac
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