• Report Claims New MBPs to Include Retina Display, Thinner Design and USB 3.0

    *Mockup courtesy of 9to5Mac* New, thinner MacBook Pro(Left) compared to the current model (right).

    If 9to5Mac's report on Apple’s upcoming MacBook Pro refresh is correct, the new MBPs might be better than anyone expected.

    According to 9to5Mac’s sources Apple’s next generation MacBook Pros are going to be thinner, with Retina Displays and have USB 3.0 in addition to Thunderbolt connectivity. 9to5Mac’s source claims to have handled prototype casings and other components.

    The thinner design won’t adopt the tapered aesthetic of the Macbook Air and will achieve the reduced thickness by eliminating the optical drive and the ethernet port. Both the optical drive and ethernet port (especially its height) have been limiting factors in the redesign of the MBP chassis. The MBP could possibly forgo FireWire connectivity as well, but the source seems unsure about FireWire’s fate.

    The optical drive and ethernet abandonment have been the subject of rumors since the release of the MBA. If it actually happens it’ll most likely result in an initial backlash followed by subservient purchases by the previously disgruntled. Either way, usb-to-ethernet dongles exist for consumers in need of LAN connectivity, and external optical drives are available for users who rely on optical media.

    The USB 3.0 inclusion seems a little curious, but reports last year hinted that Apple was favoring adopting both USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt as complementary technologies instead of competing. USB 3.0’s backwards compatibility with USB 2.0 devices doesn’t hurt either, and makes for the argument of why not include 3.0, especially considering falling component prices.

    Evidence of Apple’s Macbook and iMac Retina Displays have been showing up subsequent builds of OSX Lion and Mountain Lion. The reports source claims new MBP users will be given a set pf resolution and quality options allowing them to take advantage of the new “HiDPI” screens.

    The release window for Apple’s new MBPs is still unknown, but June is historically a MBP friendly month, and with the WWDC four weeks away Apple could use the event to formally announce the product refresh.

    Source: 9to5Mac
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