• WSJ: Photo Sharing Coming to iCloud at WWDC

    According to knowledgeable sources speaking with the Wall Street Journal, on Monday it was reported that Apple anticipates updating its iCloud service in a major way by the time WWDC kicks off in a few weeks from now.

    The new functionality would allow iCloud users to share their photos with other iCloud users. Making it a truly social experience, viewers can even comment on the pictures they are admiring. As we all know, iCloud users, for the time being, can only save one group of pics through Photo Stream, which is not a social functionality.

    If you think this sounds like Apple is trying to better compete with Facebook and its $1 billion dollar baby known as Instagram, you're right. "Apple is trying to better compete in the red-hot market for photo sharing," the WSJ reports, "dominated by fast-growing online services such as Facebook..."

    If such a reality manifests, look for the features to come in Apple's next refreshed mobile operating system, iOS 6, which will most likely be the key attraction at WWDC.

    Source: WSJ
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