• Pioneer Cellular Gets the iPhone 4S

    It seems like not too long ago, the iPhone was still exclusive to AT&T. Now many more carriers – both major and minor – are adopting the popular smartphone by Apple. The iPhone 4S, starting today, is now available on the Oklahoma-based cellular provider, Pioneer Cellular.

    Since Pioneer Cellular is a regional carrier, the release of the iPhone 4S on Pioneer Cellular is limited to those that fall under the carrier’s coverage. The coverage is not as extensive as some major carriers such as Verizon, Sprint, or AT&T. If you do fall under the coverage of Pioneer Cellular, then the iPhone 4S will be stocking store shelves in all of the following locations and dates respectively as posted by the cellular provider:

    The price of the iPhone 4S is expected to start at $199 with the contract just as the price would be with many other carriers. Citing 9to5Mac, the company has not yet announced what the monthly cost for the iPhone 4S will be. The carrier does, however, charge $30 per month for data on some non-iPhone smartphone models. It's likely the iPhone will see a hike in that cost because of its popularity.

    Pioneer Cellular does not make us aware of whether or not they will be offering iPhone 4 models at a reduced price. It seems they will only be offering the iPhone 4S.

    According to Cellular Maps, Pioneer Cellular does seem to have some decent coverage throughout southwest Oklahoma and south central Kansas. If you live within these bounds, it could be worth taking a look at if the iPhone 4S is available in a Pioneer Cellular store near you.

    Sources: 9to5Mac
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    1. mustangfrnk's Avatar
      mustangfrnk -
      Hmmm, more smaller carriers adopting the iPhone.. And still no iPhone on t-mobile....
    1. Dranon's Avatar
      Dranon -
      Quote Originally Posted by mustangfrnk View Post
      Hmmm, more smaller carriers adopting the iPhone.. And still no iPhone on t-mobile....
      Curious as to why there was such a high cost for SPRINT to get the iphone and there is no mention of cost for these smaller carriers to get the iphone? Did SPRINT get screwed somehow??
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