• Foxconn Reportedly Bulking Up Its Production Line

    Reports out of Asia this morning suggest that Apple's production partner Foxconn is investing large sums of money to boost the company's output capacity on the heels of Apple gearing up to dramatically increase its production this fall and well into 2013.

    China News Daily says today that Foxconn will invest $210 million to build an Apple production line in October in east China's Jiangsu province. "The plant housing the production line, to be located in Huai'an city, will produce components for American multinational corporation, Apple Inc, said the office of Taiwan Affairs of Huai'an city," the report reads.

    The plant in question will cover a massive area of 40,000 square meters. And an additional 35,800 employees will be hired to make the operation run smoothly and crank out Apple products faster and more furiously.

    In addition to plans for this facility to come online before year's end, Foxconn is also readying an efficient new manufacturing base located inside of China's southernmost island province. This particular facility will be ready by next April.

    Source: China News Daily
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