• LEAP Motion Available for Presale - Control Your Computer Differently

    The LEAP Motion is a new way to control computers using three-dimensional hand gestures. The device is capable of working with Windows PCs as well as Appleís Mac computers and works with a variety of different kinds of applications including productivity software, everyday-use software, and games. Not to mention, the small little LEAP Motion device is completely wireless, miniature, and is barely noticeable. If you have a Mac, the design of the device would even blend right in with the appearance of the aluminum and black finish because of the design and color scheme.

    The device is about the size of an iPhone, however it is a little narrower. Using sensors, the device can detect what your hand is doing and provide responses for the computer in real time without any noticeable lagging. The accuracy is so impressive, that the video demonstrates accurate gestures staying within a one-centimeter box. With the technology that comes out of the box, the device is capable of replacing both a keyboard and a mouse Ė however some will probably prefer using the keyboard for certain actions.

    Citing LEAP's Web site, the LEAP Motion was intended for a large audience including gamers, artists, engineers, surgeons, and average users. Gamers will get more realistic gesture controls for their games, artists will get more accurate drawing results, engineers can interact with their software more intuitively, and surgeons can control medical data in the operating room without taking off their equipment to use a computer. General users will have fun controlling their computers in a fun and intuitive way that could never be done with a mouse, keyboard, or touch screen.

    The product seems amazing and simple from a first glance, however itís not quite out yet. The product was announced only this week and preorders have begun on LEAPís Web site. The LEAP Motion retails at just $69.99 plus $5.99 shipping and handling. For a price like this, Iím sure a ton of computer users will not be able to resist trying out this new technology with their own personal computers.

    Sound like a bargain? I want to try one of these as soon as possible.

    Sources: LEAP
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