• No Deal for Apple and Samsung

    Court ordered talks between Apple and Samsung have resulted in... nothing.

    As MMi has previously reported, Apple and Samsung were recently forced into an involuntary meeting and discussions to try to scale back their patent infringement war.

    In April, Judge Lucy Koh ordered the tech titans to "comment on their availability for an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) effort." Both sides were cooperative, but the meetings proved anything but constructive. Today, published reports in the Korea Times indicate that no deal was reached.

    The two technology giants could find no clear agreement through the talks, according to a Samsung official. Apple Korea declined to comment on the matter.
    Apple and Samsung "held firm" on their assertions. That is, Samsung wants Apple to pay royalties for using its wireless transmission technology and Apple maintains that Samsung ripped off Apple technology and intellectual property on a number of products.

    So the fight rages on with no clear sign of looming conclusion.

    Source: The Korea Times
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