• TSA Looking to Buy $3 Million in Apple Products

    The TSA wants to spend nearly $3 million on 1,000 Apple computers and 1,000 handheld devices to support its counter terrorism efforts (combat boredom) according recently uncovered documents.

    The TSA recently filed contract documents explaining why it would pursue Apple only contracts instead of opening the bid up to multiple manufacturers. According to the filing the devices would enhance a “widening secure mobile computing pilot” program that specifically calls for the user of iOS.

    The document is littered with descriptions of how devices like iPads, iPhones, and even AppleTVs would be used in training presentations, forensic investigations, iPhone application development, video and graphics production and finally security testing. I didn’t realize the TSA had such a necessity for video and graphics productions. Perhaps they want to cut together all the x-ray security screenings into some montage of privacy invasion for internal meetings.

    The document, pictured below, does in fact hint at future initiatives that could utilize Google’s Android platform. For now though, the TSA is looking to become one giant annoying Apple family.

    Sources: CNET
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