• Apple is The Hedge Fund Darling of Goldman Sachs

    Despite shares of Apple trading almost $100 lower than last month's record closing price, Goldman Sachs couldn't possibly place a higher premium on Apple in the world of hedge funds.

    Apple is currently on top of the financial titan's list of the most important stocks for hedge funds to hold. In short, Apple is the darling of Wall Street when it comes to hedge funds.

    Goldman Sachs is out with its Q1 2012 Hedge Fund Trend Monitor report. In it, they reveal the latest VIP list of 50 stocks that are most important to hedge funds. These are the positions that appear most frequently in the top 10 holdings of fundamental focused hedge funds.
    Here's the top ten companies on Goldman Sachs VIP List for Q1:

    1. Apple (AAPL): 106
    2. Google (GOOG): 73
    3. Express Scripts (ESRX): 56
    4. Microsoft (MSFT): 46
    5. Qualcomm (QCOM): 38
    6. Citigroup (C): 31
    7. General Motors (GM): 29
    8. Priceline.com (PCLN): 29
    9. JPMorgan Chase (JPM): 27
    10. Liberty Media (LMCA): 26

    Source: Market Folly
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