• Apple Boosts Hiring at Site of Israel R&D Center

    As MMi has reported in recent months, Apple has big plans for its burgeoning interests in the Middle East, but primarily in Israel, where the company is planning for major staff expansions in the coming months.

    A full slew of new jobs have been posted, mostly for "SoC Backend Physical Design Engineers" in and around the site of Apple's Israel-based operations. And, from the sound of it, Apple is just getting started with plans to further grow its Middle Eastern presence.

    "We're really fortunate to have them join us," CEO Tim Cook said earlier this year. Calling Anobit a place where there's "fantastic technical talent," the company is thought to be the first organization acquired by Apple since the passing of Steve Jobs.

    As we reported last month, once Apple's operations are running like a well oiled machined, it is rumored but not confirmed that Anobit founder Udi Weinstein will leave the company and Apple will autonomously run the operation in all facets.

    Source: Apple Insider
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