• What a Steve Jobs Appearance Would Mean for Apple's March 2 Event

    AllThingsD has just posted an interesting article, discussing the rumor that Steve Jobs is "definitely mulling" appearing on stage alongside his fellow Apple executives to show off Apple's new product and software, most likely the iPad 2, and a preview of iOS 5. As Mr. Jobs is on medical leave as he battles a form of pancreatic cancer, it was widely expected that Apple COO Tim Cook would run the show, and Jobs would not appear.

    A Jobs appearance, while unexpected until this rumor surfaced, has some different implications for Apple's widely publicized event. If he does make even the most brief of appearances, commentators and media will be scrutinizing his every move, and will be looking particularly at his visible health, in order to gauge Jobs' future influence to the company he created and turned into a technological superpower.

    If he does make an appearance, I'd expect it to only happen if Jobs looks and sounds visibly healthy. There's no way that Jobs would want to detract from what is likely to be a very exciting event regarding the future of both Apple's hardware and software. If he seemed sick, he would take away from that excitement. On the other hand, a healthy and confident Jobs (who has recently been spotted on Apple's campus in Cupertino, not to mention dining with the President) would boost Apple's product introduction even more, as well as Apple fan morale worldwide.

    Regardless of whether he appears tomorrow or not, we wish Steve Jobs a speedy recovery, and hope to see him back on stage as head honcho as soon as possible. I, for one, would be thrilled if we got a glimpse of the black sweater and blue jeans tomorrow.

    All Things Digital
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