• Samsung Claims 4G Galaxy Tab Isn't Directly Competing with iPad 2

    As of right now, both Samsung is amidst fighting Apple’s requests for a preliminary injunction against its Galaxy Tab with the argument that the 4Gcapablity if its tablet means it does not directly compete with Apple’s 3G equipped iPad 2. It was just earlier this month, Apple succeeded in reactivating a motion for a preliminary injunction against its rival’s tablet. The appeals court overturned Judge Lucy Koh’s denial of an injunction for the Galaxy Tab, but left the ruling against an injunction on smartphones.

    According to FOSS Patents, Samsung filed for an opposition to Apple’s claims. Florian Mueller states that Apple is “starting from a far better position” with its new motion for an injunction, although a win is far from being guaranteed. In order to win, Apple would need to convince the court of four factors: “likelihood of success on the merits; likelihood of irreparable harm; balancer of the equities; public interest.” After the appeal court overturned Koh’s assertion that Apple’s design patent was invalid, Apple is more likely to convince the court of the merits of its case. Meanwhile, both Koh and the federal Court of Appeals are in agreement that the case for irreparable harm has been established. Mueller did note that at least one circuit judge believed Apple should prevail on all four factors.

    Mueller continued to note that “Judge O’Malley indicated between the lines that she considers Samsung a reckless infringer whose Galaxy Tab 10.1 should be shut down sooner rather than later, and she clearly wants patent holders to have great access to injunctive relief.” A large part of Samsung’s argument against the injunction in Friday’s filing is based off the claim that, since Apple lacks a 4G version of the iPad 2, the 4G Galaxy Tab doesn’t compete directly with the device. The company also claimed that an injunction would disrupt its partnership with carriers since Samsung has teamed up with carriers to sell the Galaxy Tab 10.1 with 4G contracts.

    It was noted that Samsung’s argument is “not without merit” though it was also believed that it’s “too weak to avoid a preliminary injunction.” Samsung didn’t take into account that “4G devices are backward-compatible” and that customers might use them in off-line mode or on 3G networks as well. “Even if someone thinks that 4G is desirable, I doubt that the number of customers who are out to buy only a 4G tablet is limited.”

    The report continues to point out that Samsung is likely to lose during the injunction phase because it could have modified its product in the time since Apple first filed its preliminary injunction motion but chose not to. The Korean company released a redesigned Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany last year in order to work around a sales ban in the country.

    Source: FOSS Patents
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    1. docmagoo2's Avatar
      docmagoo2 -
      No apple hating / apple fan boy comments yet? Surprised ;p
    1. DieselVexx's Avatar
      DieselVexx -
      This can't be good for the consumer.
    1. hispanic007's Avatar
      hispanic007 -
      Lol looks like apple haters haven't seen this post! Hahaha
    1. i.Annie's Avatar
      i.Annie -
      Stay on topic. If you have an issue with the author, shoot him a PM. The public forum is not where you do that. This is a warning. Get back on topic of the article or don't post a comment. Prior off-topic comments removed, and future ones will also be removed.

      By the way, Apple deserves to win. Samsung's arguments are indeed weak. I have quite an eye for Apple products, especially the iPad, but I can't deny whenever I see people walk by with a Samsung Galaxy tab that at quick glance I mistaken it for an iPad. They do look quite similar. Regardless, I don't think it should be pulled off the market because it is a formidable Android device.
    1. Anthony Bouchard's Avatar
      Anthony Bouchard -
      Go ahead and let them compete with the iPad 2. Apple is likely already in the blueprint process, if not further, for the next iPad (after the third generation).
    1. ednometry's Avatar
      ednometry -
      I think this is really another instance of corporate greed and bass ackwards law... There were tablets before the ipad, there will be tablets after the ipad... If being a touch tablet it enough to "infringe" on apple's copyrights... I guess nobody else can make tablets anymore... People like the design, so other designers model their designs after what is popular. It works and has worked for years, some companies innovate and others build on the innovation of others, it is an iterative process. Consumers benefit from this because slowly but surely things improve and people have more choices. Apple changed the game and I'm not saying they shouldn't get paid; However nickel and diming the entire industry with lawsuits to line their already stuffed coffers just stinks. If these same practices were applied by Xerox there would be no apple or microsoft because Xerox would have sued them out of existence...
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