• Supposed Pictures of the iPhone 5 Case Leak to the Interwebs

    The first image leaked by iFixyouri and reported by 9to5Mac

    The first purported images of the actual iPhone 5 have leaked, confirming many of the rumors surrounding the deviceís design if the photos from iFixyouri are in fact legitimate.

    Another higher res image leaked to 9to5Mac after news of the iFixyouri images broke

    The photos show case both a matte charcoal black iPhone 5 and a white model. The phone's feature the rumored brushed aluminum back and larger elongated screen. The other notable design change is the smaller dock connector, and placement of the headphone jack, which appears to be on the bottom of the phone much like the current iPod touch.

    The new location of the headphone jack does jive with an earlier part leak that claimed to be the headphone jack and earpiece. As MacRumors notes many observers commented that what was supposed to be the earpiece actually looked more like a smaller dock connector. The new location of the headphone jack would support this layout.

    Also, the bottom appears to feature larger speaker grills, which the source of the leak claims is an attempt by Apple to improve speaker performance with space freed up by the smaller dock connector.

    9to5Macís black leaked version of the iPhone 5 has the typical iPhone font printed on the back while the photos of the white version uBreakiFix received feature a slimmer font, and glossy rather than matte finish.

    It appears everyone is receiving images of the leaked iPhone from various sources. Expect more leaks in the coming weeks leading up to WWDC, even though Apple is unlikely to announce the new iPhone at the conference.

    Source: MacRumors, 9to5Mac
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    1. kadernal's Avatar
      kadernal -
      so ugly. wtf.
    1. gotzaiPhone's Avatar
      gotzaiPhone -
      If that thing is real...

      Worst... iPhone... EVAR....

    1. vinaygoel2000's Avatar
      vinaygoel2000 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Bil1505 View Post
      I don't work for apple, but correct me if I am wrong; was there ever an iPhone 2? No, there was not so to say Apple would not skip a number to stay in chronological order, you are wrong. THEY AlREADY DID!!

      iPhone to iPhone 3G...Where is the iPhone 2?

      You must be the only privileged person in the world to receive that one of a kind phone.

      ModMyi app needs a +1 button.
    1. fanboyfanboy's Avatar
      fanboyfanboy -
      Quote Originally Posted by vinaygoel2000 View Post
      ModMyi app needs a +1 button.
    1. big poops's Avatar
      big poops -
      The white pic on the bottom just looks like its wrapped in plastic. Real or fake it looks nice. Not everybody has a car stereo that charges your phone as well as play the music. I use the auxiliary cable, plus the cigarette lighter to charge it and with a cable connected to the bottom AND top, the cords kind of get in the way. Havin both cords on bottom wouldn't be too horrible. Besides, have you ever had your headphones plugged in on the TOP of your phone and been surfing the Internet and had to move the cord out of your way, or how about taking a pic or video? The cord always finds its way in front of the camera! Being on the bottom would eliminate both problems.
    1. Zon's Avatar
      Zon -
      Looks like the two-tone is from the protective plastic around the part. There now appears to be a microphone next to the camera lens so you'll get audio from what you're shooting video of instead of your hand muffling/rubbing the microphone while holding the camera.

      MicroUSB would be nice to standardize cords and make it cheaper to buy since it's an EU standard. Having a headphone jack on the bottom is good, that way if I put the phone in my cargo pants outside pocket both dock and headphone openings face down away from rain instead of one or the other being exposed.

      The phone looks taller too, probably to accomodate a larger 16:9 screen.
    1. EVO's Avatar
      EVO -
      yah these pictures are suspicious, definitely out of the ordinary then what Apple is doing..
    1. rkswat's Avatar
      rkswat -
      I really like the design and LOL at all the people (mostly on MR) whining about the 2 tone back. Most of them will wrap it any way so why *****? I'm hoping this is the final or close to it design.
    1. Kenn@rd.'s Avatar
      [email protected] -
      Quote Originally Posted by kick View Post
      Cant wait
      But the matte finish.... gaudy monstrosity of a color on a phone...
    1. Silverado1987's Avatar
      Silverado1987 -
      Quote Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
      But the matte finish.... gaudy monstrosity of a color on a phone...
    1. iPod's Avatar
      iPod -
      Ugh here we go again :/
    1. celeron's Avatar
      celeron -
      Quote Originally Posted by ipodtouchman77 View Post
      Ugh here we go again :/
      I remember when the 4S wasnt released yet. The rumor threads Were made almost every day. It was annoying.
    1. GooseG's Avatar
      GooseG -
      That looks like a MagSafe port to me.
    1. Silverado1987's Avatar
      Silverado1987 -
      Quote Originally Posted by GooseG View Post
      That looks like a MagSafe port to me.
      Hmm never thought of that. A magnet MagSafe cable for your iPhone. Just like your mac. Makes sense. Sounds like apple to me
    1. TheOnlyest's Avatar
      TheOnlyest -
      I thought the 4S was too lame of an upgrade to blow my AT&T subsidy on, so i'm still using my 4 and holding out for a REAL 5. But if they change the dock connector, I guess i'll be getting the 4S instead. No way i'm buying 100's of dollars worth of new accessories again, not to mention the $700 car stereo I recently installed that has a hard wired 30pin connector!! What has me worried right now is, this morning SiriusXM put the SkyDock on sale for $19.99, that's $100 off!! If the SkyDock wont work with the next new iPhone, that would certainly explain why they're practically giving them away right now!

      Anyway, if you're not planning to upgrade, go get a SkyDock on the cheap, i've had one since it came out, it works AWESOME and even if you dont active it, it still doubles as an FM modulator, vehicle dock and it charges the phone! No, I am not affiliated with SiriusXM in any way, shape or form.
    1. Maxer95's Avatar
      Maxer95 -
      Quote Originally Posted by EddieLeonard View Post
      ...and it would be better for the headphone jack at the bottom... you can have it plug in at the same time in a dock and then plug head phones into the dock...
      Are you serious, for starters HOW does puting the headphone jack on the bottom make it available to use when connected to a dock?!? It doesn't it does the exact opposite, that's how. Allso this would be extremely pointless because 99.99% of docks have speakers for playing the idevice's music through (headphones + dock = retardedness)
    1. xclusiveiphone's Avatar
      xclusiveiphone -
      Quote Originally Posted by ByteArt View Post
      Hideous. Apple prides itself on proportion and design and they would not just stretch the iPhone to fit a larger screen, its lazy. Also, name one recent apple product that is two toned when only one color is necessary? and if apple wanted to change to micro usb, they would have introduced the change with the new iPad, and finally, this isn't a redesign! its just thinner and stretched out. Any idiot could fake that, and I'm sure apple wants to make a phone that is innovative not ugly. THIS IS SO FAKE!
      Apple is a lazy company when it comes to design, live with it. We witnessed this with the 3G/3Gs and 4/4S design. People still buy their products and love it.
    1. Simon's Avatar
      Simon -
      Meh, I don't buy it. I'm calling fakes on the pics personally. Something just seems off about them.
    1. CZroe's Avatar
      CZroe -
      Seems clear to me that it uses the touch-sensitive back area tech that Apple patented so long ago.

      I can see this being great for scrolling without accidentally making selections, precision pointing (moves a dot around), and easily positioning a cursor/insertion point within a text field (forget wanting arrow keys!).
    1. Zon's Avatar
      Zon -
      That looks like a MagSafe port to me.
      Except the MagSafe power adapters on the MacBook/Pros are a failure in the current version.

      With the original MagSafe you could bump the cord in any direction and it would release, hence the point of MagSafe so it won't damage your computer should you trip on the cable.

      The current MagSafe, let's say you have the cord pointed backwards on the MacBook/Pro laptop:
      1. If you pull the cord straight back it doesn't release.
      2. If you pull the cord straight down it doesn't release.
      3. If you pull the cord straight up it doesn't release.
      4. If you pull the cord forward it releases (which is highly unlikely that you'd do that since the cord is pointed backwards)
      5. If you pull the cord straight out away from the computer it releases

      I've talked to service folks who have customers with damaged charging ports on the Unibody since the cord was pulled up/down and bent the port. Try it…you can lift the left side of the heaviest MacBook/Pro off the table by pulling straight-up or worst up and towards the opposite side.

      Granted some of the pulling has to be done straight in that direction but you get the point. If you're at Starbucks at those little tables and have the edge of your MacBook/Pro extended over the edge you're in risk of having a cord pull literally crash your computer.
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