• Cook Discusses Plans for Further Social Media Integration in Apple Products

    In a recent interview during the All Things D conference, Tim Cook mentioned to “stay tuned” for developments with Apple and Facebook, possibly hinting at plans for a partnership between the two companies. The news came alongside information that Apple is seeking to integrate more social media into mix of things.

    According to Cook, Apple’s relationship with Facebook is “very solid,” and the Cupertino California company has “great respect for” the company. The Apple CEO thinks that his company can do more with Facebook if given the chance to do so. When being questioned about his thoughts on Facebook and its terms for his company’s Ping music service, Cook replied saying that Facebook has “their way of doing things.” It was noted that some people might say the same thing about Apple but Cook pointed out that just because two companies have strong points of view doesn’t mean they can’t work together, leaving everyone with the words: “Stay Tuned.”

    Possible avenues where we can see cooperation between Apple and Facebook would be deeper Facebook integration into the iOS platform. Last year we saw Twitter make its way into the system level of iOS 5 and there has been a lot of speculation for similar integration of Facebook. Furthermore, Apple and Facebook were said to have negotiated for 18 months over the Ping service before talks finally broke down. After its launch, Jobs and Zuckerberg reportedly discussed the service over dinner.

    Cook mentioned that we’ll be seeing more things like deep social media integration in the future across the iOS and OS X platform. It’s likely that the company will likely kill off its Ping social music discovery service but customers had voted and said that they were not interested in putting a lot of energy into it. Ping had started off on the wrong foot after the service’s Facebook integration feature was pulled since Facebook demanded “onerous terms” which Jobs was unwilling to agree too. Despite the two companies’ disagreement, we’ll have to see what kind of future the two have together along with what additional social media features get integrated into the iOS platform.

    Source: All Things D
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