• Cook Claims the Standards-Essential Patent System is "Broken"

    During an interview at the All Things D conference, Tim Cook mentioned that the current patent situation is “a pain in the ***.” Despite everything though, Apple’s CEO said he was unwilling to let Apple’s work be copied by others. He compared patent infringement to signing one’s name on a painting that someone else put energy into finishing. Cook’s recommendation to other companies is that they need to build their own stuff so that Apple isn’t “the developer for the rest of the world.”

    At one point during the interview, Walt Mossberg pointed out that Apple has been accused of violating others’ patents and is on the receiving end on a slew of lawsuits. Cook pointed out that the differences was that “the vast majority of those are on standards-essential patents.” Adding to an area where today’s patent system is “broken.” Connecting to a 3G network was given as an example of a standards-essential patent that companies shouldn’t be able to get injunctions on. Cook believes that the owner of the patent has the option and the responsibility of getting fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory (FRAND) licensing but not everyone does that.

    Apple doesn’t sue others over its own standards-essential patents because it believes doing so is “fundamentally wrong,” according to the current Cupertino California company CEO. It is inevitable for companies to disagree on the specifics of payments but the sum of patent holders’ requests for compensation would push everyone out of business. Cook insists that Apple remains intent on continuing to innovate in spite of the current outlook on things. Apple is actively involved in legal disputes against a large number of competitors, including HTC, Motorola, and Samsung. Although Apple’s CEO would like to settle the disputes, the company is also committed to defending its inventions.

    Source: All Things D
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