• Report Says iTV's Operating System to be Demonstrated at WWDC

    As MMi reported yesterday, the general consensus among industry insiders is that Apple's iTV will arrive in late 2012 or early 2013. But recent sources have suggested that Apple may publicly confirm and tease the forthcoming iTV launch months before the product is actually available for purchase.

    On the heels of yesterday's coverage, today there are additional comments from the connected circle of tech insiders who claim that WWDC could make the biggest splash this year with a demonstration of the operating system that will power Apple's HDTV.

    On Wednesday, BGR's "trusted source" confessed that Apple will do a big reveal next month in order to give third-party manufacturers the time to gear up for the new product and its myriad functionalities and connections to other iOS-powered devices.

    "This new OS is said to be much more feature-complete than the current OS that runs on the Apple TV, and is apparently the one that Apple’s upcoming HDTV will run," the report reads. "Yes, that one."

    According to BGR, Apple is "actively trying to court manufacturers to use a new 'control out' API in order for third-party manufacturers to make accessories that are compatible with the new Apple TV OS and the upcoming iTV."

    So will the big reveal actually take place at WWDC? If so, we will probably find out during the kick-off keynote on June 11th when Apple chief Tim Cook takes the stage.

    Source: BGR
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