• Apple Looking to Hire Pizza Chef in Sacramento, Seriously

    Life as an Apple employee is taxing, rewarding, and in some cases potentially demeaning. But, it’s no secret Apple usually gets its pick of the litter when it comes to sought after talent. Which means they’re likely going to get one hell of a pizza cook if their latest job listing is real.

    That’s right Apple is currently looking to hire a pizza cook in Sacramento, Ca. The position is likely needed to fill a vacancy at the local call center cafeteria, but the qualifications mean Apple’s employees are in for some seriously good pies.

    Apple wants a pizza cook with “extensive experience making pizza dough from scratch” with “at least 2-4 years of experience working a high volume wood burning pizza oven featuring thin crust, Neapolitan style pizza.” Yea, pretty good pizza, but that means New York Style, and Chicago deep dish chefs need not apply.

    Also, parts of the description lead me to believe this pizza chef may be cooking in an open kitchen environment as the ability to “portion and toss the dough” and the “ability to hand stretch the pizza (without using a rolling pin) is required. This means the chef might be putting on a little show in addition to turning out above average cafeteria food.

    Source: Apple [via TUAW]
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