• iMovie Coming to iPad 2

    At the Apple special event held earlier today, most of the excitement and focus was on the iPad 2. This makeís sense, of course, because people always want to see the latest and greatest hardware products from Apple. One of the few surprised, however, was an updated version of iMovie coming out for the iPad 2. With its front and rear-facing cameras, the iPad is now well positioned to make movies on the go. The latest version of iMovie is also compatible with the iPhone 4 and fourth generation iPod Touch as well. It will be available on March 11 for $4.99, just in time for the official launch of the iPad 2.

    This is no minor update that simply adds one or two new features and the usual bug fixes. This is a major update that is sure to be a popular with budding filmmakers everywhere. You can now browse your movie projects in the new Marquee view that is reminiscent of a pre-multiplex era movie house. You can also shoot video directly into the app, instead having to use the Camera app. This will save you an extra step and give you more time to work on your movie projects. There are three new themes to choose from now as well, including Neon, Simple, and CNN iReport. Using photos in iMovie has also been improved. iMovie now customizes each image that you imported with a Ken Burns style panning effect. Then face detection is used to keep the focus on the people in the frame.

    One aspect that has always been lacking in iMovie has been support for sophisticated audio tracks. With this version of iMovie, you now have access to more than 50 sound effects and eight sound tracks, or you can import songs from your own music library. One nice feature is the ability to view and edit audio waveforms for more precise editing. If your movie project requires some narration, you can now record audio directly into your projectís timeline. It includes a live meter level so you can record great sounding audio every time.

    iMovie also lets you share your movie creations on the internet with direct access to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, or CNN iReport. You can also send your video files to your MobileMe account or include them in an email. Another nice feature is the ability to shoot video on an iPhone 4, with itís superior camera and then transfer it to your iPad via iTunes. Editing videos on an iPadís larger screen will be a much more enjoyable process than working on a movie project on an iPhoneís 3.5-inch screen.

    What if you want to see your latest movie project on a TV screen. Thatís not a problem if you have an Apple TV, as you can now stream any iOS video with AirPlay. The iPad 2 is also the first iOS device that includes support for HDMI with the use an adapter.

    The first version of iMovie was impressive mainly because it was available on a portable device, but it was rather minimalist compared to the desktop version. With this update, iMovie blurs the line between the desktop and portable versions of this app. Making movies with the iPadís multi-touch interface will surely inspire a whole new generation of filmmakers to greater creative heights. I canít wait to see the first blockbuster made in iMovie on an iPad 2.

    Source: Apple
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