• DirecTV Chairman Feels Apple TV Won't "Obsolete Our Technology"

    It hasn’t been confirmed whether Apple will be announcing the Apple TV or not but just the thought of such a possibility has some big names in the cable and satellite TV business wondering about their future with Apple as a competitor. While some seem to be ignorant to what has been announced or what features are already available, such as Time Warner’s CEO, others seem to feel confident about their odds. DirecTV chairman Michael White doesn’t think that traditional TV content delivery providers have much to worry about, according to a report from GigaOM.

    Speaking at an investor’s conference in New York just last week, White said that he doubts that a new Apple TV operating system would be enough to drive cable and satellite subscribers to purchase another set-top box from Apple. He believes that most people would keep the box they already have instead of making the swap. He is also doubtful that content providers are going to line up to provide movies and shows for an Apple device. At the Strategic Decisions conference, White mentioned that Apple is “going to launch something, maybe in the next two weeks… but I don’t see media companies saying ‘You can stream things in bundle over the Internet.”

    Other’s such as Comcast’s Chairman Brian Roberts allegedly almost welcomed Apple to the world of content providers. He mentioned that he realized, regardless of the technology released by Apple, his company will still provide the Internet access the customers will need. If the Apple TV is anything like what Jobs made it out to be, then the cable and satellite companies are going to have some rough competition up ahead. We’ll have to be patient to see what comes about and how everyone reacts in the future.

    Source: GigaOM
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