• Report: Sprint to Launch iPhone on Virgin Mobile July 1st

    On Tuesday morning, news broke from an informed source speaking with MarketWatch that Sprint is on the precipice of launching the iPhone on its growing Virgin Mobile network. This, of course, would put the iPhone on track to become a prepaid smartphone offering.

    The carrier is expected to announce this week that it will offer the popular smartphone on its Virgin Mobile pay-as-you-go brand starting July 1st. If so, the release would come just days after Cricket launches the first-ever prepaid iPhone in the United States on June 22nd.

    "By offering the iPhone," speculates journalist Thomas Gryta, "Sprint may help satisfy its commitment to Apple to buy $15.5 billion of the phones over four years." As MMi has previously reported, Sprint reportedly took a huge upfront loss by agreeing to carry Apple's iPhone and the massive financial subsidy burden that comes with it. The Virgin Mobile plan may ultimately help Sprint curtail the lag time that remains before the iPhone will actually be a profitable entity for the carrier.

    Since Sprint started selling the iPhone on its network last fall, Sprint has sold 3.3 million units during the last two quarters.

    Source: MarketWatch
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    1. bigboyz's Avatar
      bigboyz -
      With Virgin, Cricket and Boost moving the Pre-Paid iPhone this means WIN WIN for the consumer. Im sure the voice/data plans are much better and you have full control. My question is, what will the "big dog's" do? AT&T, Verizon..hmmm? Not like they will be dropping prices god forbid. I wonder if they will switch from 2 year to 3 year contracts and offer more..more of what? I have no idea just don't know how they can compete and im fine with that haha! Time will tell.
    1. Mrteacup's Avatar
      Mrteacup -
      Well changing contracts to 3 years wouldn't help them at all. They will simply have better speeds coverage and better support out of America
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