• Apple TV 5.0.2 Software Update Released

    Apple today unleashed a very small and hardly perceptible update to the 2nd and 3rd generation Apple TV (it goes without saying, naturally, that people with jailbroken devices should always approach software updates cautiously and only after getting input from the JB community).

    As of this writing, it isn't known exactly what improvements the software release brings with it. No significant problems or bugs were awaiting repair from a software update. With that being said, build number 9B830 is now available.

    We will keep an eye on Apple's support web page for more information on precisely what the update delivers. For now, Apple hasn't uttered a peep. Apple TV's last update - 5.0.1 - was released just one month ago. And that was little more than a simple bug fix.

    The quiet nature of the software update may speak to several backend performance tweaks that wouldn't necessarily be visible to Apple TV users, but could prove essential to a bigger software release or product refresh coming out of WWDC next week.

    Of course, at this point in time, Apple can't make any move without rampant speculation about what the move might actually mean in the big picture, as the company's annual developer's conference prepares to get underway in just a few days.

    Source: Apple
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